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All the world is green and good, or so they want you to believe…

A group of adventures, new, but eager to make a name for themselves, travel to the resort town of Grave Lawn whose waters, known for great healing, have gone foul.

The party is tasked with finding what evil infects Orglosh’s Tomb and removing it’s influence.

In a fierce battle, during which the kobold leader was destroyed, the party noticed a strange robed kobold who seemingly teleported away.

When the adventures, beaten but triumphant returned to Grave Lawn, they were asked to seek out CEDRIC THE WHITE and request he come to Grave Lawn and cleanse the relic of Orglosh of it’s curse.

AALAN the bravest fighter from the city watch of Grave Lawn was sent with the party to seek out a wizard who could locate Cedric, whose location was unknown.

In the City of Iron Bark a great wizard directs the party to the town of Southenrland

One their way, the party rescues a young cleric Saarah from being burned at the stake for witchcraft, though she was actually healing the sick.

Upon arriving in SOUTHERNLAND the party meets CEDRIC who explains he cannot leave with them as every evening there is a raid from the undead of the BURIAL SITE, half a day’s journey south and he must turn the undead away or they will destroy the town.

The BURIAL SITE houses THE CRYPT OF EMERALD BRANCHELLO , an evil archmage. The undead began to rise the night after a GROUP OF BANDITS raided the CRYPT and the Townsfolk claim that the BANDITS stole a powerful holy symbol that was placed on the sarcophagus of Esmeralda and she is now commanding the undead. The Bandits led by SMEART , have taken up camp at the site of the FOREST WATCH and have killed all the members.

The party heads to The Camp of the Forest Watch which has been mostly destroyed by fire. Stealthy the party moves from building to building killing large amounts of bandits and rescuing a young lady Isan, though losing one member to a magical trap, the party pushed forward until they reached the final building.

The Garrison, Untouched by fire and full of tough as nails bandits, this three story building must be where the Holy Symbol is kept.

The party, nearly dead has reached the staircase leading up the the final floor…


Tune in to find out

Main Page

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