Grave Lawn

The village of Gravelawn has for years been known for it’s crystal waters and healing springs. Legend has it that Orglosh, the great Cleric of Thiseir, used a relic to purify the waters of Gravelawn and grant the springs the healing powers of his goddess.

Now, thousands of years after the cleric’s death the waters have become tainted. The smell, once sweet, has turned fetid and those who bath in the springs develop sickening blisters. The heroes have been hired by the town to travel to Orglosh’s tomb recover the relic he once use.

Orglosh’s tomb is located up a steep mountain that is covered in thick vegetation. The earthy smells of the forest dance on the wind. The entrance to the tomb is supposed to be covered by a giant rock, but as the adventures approached, they found the rock missing and several kobolds guarding the entrance.

The tomb of Orglosh has been over run with a small clan of Kobolds who have defiled the small shrine within the tomb and have been using the relic as a scepter for their chief. The relic is directly tied to the affliction the town of Gravelawn is suffering and the relic will need to be cleansed by a cleric of Thiseir (or an allied deity) before the waters return to their natural state.

As the party fought the kobold clan and leader they noticed a strange robed kobold who seemingly teleported away.

(This first Adventure was taken from – many thanks!)

When the adventures, beaten but triumphant returned to Grave Lawn, they were asked to seek out CEDRIC THE WHITE and ask him to come to Grave Lawn and cleanse this relic of the curse.

Grave Lawn

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